Caring for your Sneakers

Whether you’re a sneakerhead or not, chances are, you’ve paid a considerable amount of money for sneakers that you know are worth it. And the last thing you want is to shorten their lifespan for a moment of laziness. Taking the time to do a few steps to keep your sneakers in shape can go a long way in increasing their longevity and protecting them from becoming an unpleasant version of the shiny pair you once picked to be yours.




  1. Spray them

    Once you take your sneakers out of the box, spray them with a stain- and water-repellent.


  2. Store them

    To keep humidity away, store your sneakers in ziplock bags or any shoe bag, while making sure to air, or better wear, them every now and then.


  3. Stuff them

    Before storing your sneakers, stuff them either with the original cardboard paper they came with or any paper to prevent creases.


  4. Avoid heat

    Look for a place away from direct sunlight, preferably a cool place. This may cause your sneakers’ color to change or the sole to come off.


  5. Wear them

    Storing your sneakers for a long time without using them will likely affect the glue holding the sole to the shoe, to say the least.


  6. Rotate them

    Try to alternate between the sneakers you have to avoid overusing a particular pair.




  1. Remove the laces

  2. Shake off the pair together to remove any dust.

  3. Gently wipe them using a damp microfiber cloth or baby wipes.

  4. If surface cleaning won’t do, gently rub your sneakers with either a shoe brush or a new toothbrush, one with bristles that are not too hard, using warm water and a shoe-cleaning product or shampoo.

  5. Soak the laces in warm water with a cleaning detergent or put them in a laundry bag to wash in the washing machine. If they need to be changed, by all means, buy yourself new shoelaces.

  6. After rinsing, leave to dry, preferably somewhere where air can reach them. You can put paper towels or a dry towel inside them to speed up the process.



It’s advisable not to wash your sneakers in the washing machine if they’re really dear to you. Doing without such a risk might be worth it to help increase the life of your sneakers. Caring for them, in general, will make cleaning easier and prevent any permanent damage. A pair that’s well taken care of will always be better than one that’s not, no matter how many times it’s been washed.