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BE-DO-WIN (Hyper Royal)

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Product Details

Nike Bedouin, with its comfortable midsole, full-grain leather upper, and moccasin-like toe, was a subtle eighties silhouette, perfect for a more casual look, but still featuring sporty elements like Nike Air and new Octowaffle traction. Almost forty years later, Bedouin returns in a new Hyper Royal colorway, but in a more impactful form such as BE-DO-WIN, a name that is an invitation to become aware of climate change, take action to fight, and win the battle to prevent it. With synthetic upper and cork insole, BE-DO-WIN has a natural look with modern elements to live up to today's challenges.


- Leather upper

- Octowaffle traction

- Cork insole

- Rubber outsole


Style code: DR6694-400

SKU 195867256902