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Hardware Pack (black/gold)

Dhs.12.50 Dhs.25.00

Product Details

This Primitive Men's Hardware 12 Pack Black/Gold by Primitive features Premium Steel Ball Bearings. Nylon Cages For Reduced Weight And Friction. Deep Groove Design To Withstand Higher Impact. Dust-Resistant, Frictionless, Removable Sheilds. Lubricated With Low-Fiscosity, Non-Corrosive Oil. 8mm (Bore Diameter) X 22mm X 7mm.


- Dust-Resistant

- Frictionless

- Removable Sheilds

- Lubricated With Low-Fiscosity

- Non-Corrosive Oil

- 8mm (Bore Diameter) X 22mm X 7mm


Style code: PS19A0024-WHITE

SKU 194942031991