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Vans Vault x Bianca Chandon UA Classic Slip-On VLT LX (Black/White)


Product Details

Bianca Chandôn was founded in 2013. With skate culture making its way deeper into the fashion spotlight.

Bianca Chandôn is named after Bianca Jagger and Chandôn, which itself was inspired by French race car driver Olivier Chandôn-two cultural icons of the late 1970s and early 1980s. Inspired by these eras and vintage Americano Vans patterns, the Bianca Chandôn Classic Slip-On was designed to give the shoe a true DIY skate vibe and recreate the iconic worn aesthetic.
Washed canvas with a repeated star pattern reinforces the timeless vibe of this slip-on shoe, while a ballpoint signature on the sidewall offers a subtle stroke of Bianca Chandôn branding. Finally, for an added nod to how great Vans look slightly thrashed, the uppers and sidewalls were hit with a greasing treatment by hand to provide a true broken-in look and feel. The custom packaging and footbeds add another unique touch to this elevated silhouette.

- Vans x Bianca Chandôn collection

- Vans’ iconic slip-on shoe

- Washed canvas uppers with a repeated star pattern throughout the quarters

- Hand-greased uppers and sidewalls for a broken-in look and feel

- Ballpoint Bianca Chandôn's signature on the sidewall

- Custom packaging and footbeds

- Supportive padded collars

- Elastic side accents

- Signature rubber waffle outsoles


Style code: VN0A3QXYBA2

SKU 196244934147