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Adsum Fall / Winter'21 Collection

Founded in Brooklyn NY in 2015 by Pete Mcanee and Christian Rice they take their inspiration from their combined experiences growing up in US and Canada.


Adsum means “Here” or “I am present” is an American clothing company focused on high-quality manufacturing and design. They make products inspired by the cities and countryside of the American Northeast. The result is a unique interpretation of traditional men's staples with a mix of technical outerwear and sportswear.


These are clothes for urbanites, for outdoorsmen, for runners, for skaters, for workers, for loungers, and everyone in between. Unobtrusive in design, yet apparent in quality and construction. Their pieces leave little room for indecision, each fitting snugly into wardrobes widespread.


Discover the Fall / Winter’21 collection from Adsum in-store & online at