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Aries x Umbro

Aries has partnered with Umbro to create a unisex 10 SKU capsule collection. It features classic football jerseys in red, pink and blue graphics, a training set in monochrome nylon printed pixelated graphics and the classic Umbro drill top and pants in lilac and black tie-dye.


Umbro has been at the heart and soul of football since 1924. With more than 90 years in the game, they experienced all the highs, and the lows football has to offer, yet their commitment has never wavered. Today the double diamond is worn with pride and passion the world over, from the Premier League to the Campeonato Brasilero and every place in-between. Umbro founder Harold Humphrey’s beloved that style was a performance advantage, if you look smart, you play smart, a belief that the brand retains today, combining stylish and technical kits with a professional service for all their teams.

On the other hand, Aries is a non-gendered luxury streetwear brand with an artisanal and artistic approach to design and production. Born out of an ongoing love of trash culture, outsider art and illustration, collections also reflect Prantera’s Central Saint Martin’s training and fascination with garment dyeing, printing and a forensic approach to garment construction.

For Spring/ Summer ’21, the collaboration is inspired by Football and Gabber-rave culture, a hardcore electronic music originating from the Netherlands. It quickly reached the rave scene in London and spread across the Atlantic to the USA to become a part of mainstream culture during the ‘90s.

Key styles from the collection include a football jersey. This features a red, pink and blue graphic pattern made up of contrasting dots and shapes. The jersey has a relaxed fit with a button-up collar and comes in a choice of long or short sleeves.

Discover the capsule collection of Aries x Umbro in-store & online.