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The 1996 NBA Draft class proved to be one of the most legendary of all time. The first round was filled with players who would go on to have legendary careers in the league and even a few would go on to achieve Hall of Fame status.


At the top of that draft class was none other than Allen Iverson. Amidst such a deep draft, AI still rose above the other draftees and was secured as the first overall pick to Philadelphia.


SLAM Magazine, the premier print publication for all things basketball published an iconic cover for their ’96 Draft edition which featured the top picks of the rookie class in their uniforms. The only thing missing from this memorable cover photo was the #1 pick himself—Allen Iverson.


Taking influence of all the other Rookie and their NBA team colors, the shoe collectively represents all teams from that iconic SLAM photo. The collaborative Question Mid in partnership with Reebok celebrated this iconic Draft class with the signature silhouette of the number one pick.


The Concepts x Reebok Question Mid 'Draft Class' launches October 21st exclusively on and