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PUMA x P.A.M. Zip-Off Pants (Toasted)


Product Details

For the final season of PUMA x PERKS AND MINI, we’re back to the PAM/PUMA BIO/VERSE to explore creativity, nature, and change-making. The collection draws inspiration from the past three drops and features bold logos and beautiful artwork that takes you seamlessly from the natural world to the digital world – and into colliding worlds of sport, activity, and play. These zip-off pants are made with a ripstop material and feature a cargo pocket, so you're comfortable while travelling the BIO/VERSE.


- Relaxed fit
- 244 gsm, ripstop material
- Partially elastic waistband
- Side pockets and back pocket
- Cargo pockets
- Ruler pocket on side
- Zip-off panels for versatility
- Silicone badge on cargo pocket
- PUMA x PERKS AND MINI co-branding


Style code: 62407332

SKU 4067978140097